Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bikini Update

It's been a while. I've been super busy with this new training program and trying to give 100% to this bikini prep. But guess what it's been awesome. Ok so maybe not awesome all the time but From Feb 3 to March 1 I lost 12 pounds! Seriously! Progress pics will come soon!

How did I do it? I started with an Advocare cleanse and stuck to the diet plan very closely. If you've read some of my older posts you know I fudged a little bit when I did the 24 day challenge the first time. But this time I really wanted to see how great my results could be. I planned on going on to the Max Phase but my meal plan from my Bikini Coach came in and I decided to try to get used to that and I'm just going to take the CorePlex and OmegaPlex. Omegas are super important and Advocare makes some of the best ones around!

Eating: So my meal plan from my coach is super bland and boring. I seriously eat the same thing at the same time everyday. except for my high carbs days every 4th day when I get to have oatmeal and brown rice. I follow quite a few bikini competitors and see their meals and I get a little jealous I'm not going to lie but with the results I'm getting I think it's totally worth it. I don't really like food all that much anyway... (or I'll just keep telling myself that).

I've been following a plan from and it's been really good. that plus a few small group classes at my gym and I've really seen results. Yesterday I woke up early so I jumped out of bed took some O2Gold and mixed up some Arginine Extreme and spark up for the car ride to the gym and I'm not lying when I tell you I felt like superwoman! I PRd in my Squats and Dead lifts and set myself up for a fabulous day. If only work could have gone so smoothly.

So it's going great! Pics to come soon!