Friday, October 25, 2013


So I ordered my 24 day challenge today! Yay! I’m planning to start on November 1st.

How did I hear about Advocare:
My story about how I found out about advocare is a little different than most. I didn’t have a friend who lost weight using it, I didn’t get talking into by some independent distributor that I thought was trying to sell me something. I had a friend who I trust very much as far as nutrition and fitness goes, tell me “hey, have you ever heard of Advocare? The 24 day Challenge? Google it, there’s a challenge starting in November. I’m starting on the first and so are you.” She might have said it a little nicer than that. In fact I know she did. But what’s important is that this was a friend who I’ve confided in, looked up to, someone who has been with me for the past year and a half in my battle with weight, and most of all someone I trusted about nutrition. This friend is a fitness instructor, an anatomy professor, she has an advanced degree in biology and most importantly an amazing figure that she works her butt off for. So if she said this was good product, it’s good, I know is safe, I’m doing it. End of story.
So ok, I didn’t just blindly jump in and agree to start this challenge thing on the 1st of the month without doing some research. I am a lawyer after all and I do my due diligence before I put something in my body and expect it to work. I checked out the website, and then I hit up Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Now you might be thinking “Wow. Really reliable sources, JB!” But here’s the thing, I already told you that my friend who recommended it is a science girl. I know she’s already looked at the research and the medical studies and if it didn’t pass muster she wouldn’t have brought it up.  So I wanted to see what real people like me are saying about this “Advocare stuff.” The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. People were seeing amazing results and seemed to love the products. Of course there were a few negative reviews but not nearly as many as the positive reviews. Not only that but Advocare has a lot of pro athlete endorsers which really spoke to me, I later found out that Drew Brees is the only endorser who is monetarily compensated. All the other endorsers do just because they love the products. I happen to be a Dallas Cowboys fan so below is a video of Jason Witten talking about the products.
The more research I did the more I really loved the company I was reading about. So I signed up right away as a distributor. Let's see how the next month goes. I can't wait!

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