Monday, February 3, 2014

Bikini Competition

I've decided to do a bikini competition! I say this with equally as much enthusiasm as anxiety and nervousness. For the next 5 months my life will revolve around eating and training. I'm currently still in the process of selecting my bikini coach but I'm narrowing that down and will have made a selection in the next few days.
I have decided to do the whole transformation using Advocare products. So for the non-believers or the skeptics out there let's see how this experiment works, because as much as the food and exercise matter supplementation makes a huge difference!
I'm kicking it all off with a 24 Day Challenge. Last time I lost 7 pounds total, this time I'm hoping for 5-7 pounds but mostly I'm looking to lose inches. Last time I did not take measurements and went solely based on what the scale told me. This time my measurements and weight taken down by a trainer at my gym (one that I really don't know at all so that was awkward) so they are completely unbiased (no rounding up/down). Also this time I have 2 friends doing the whole 24 day Challenge with me so I can't wait to see their results! After the 24 Day Challenge I'll be using products from the Performance Elite line

So today is Day 1 of my second 24 Day Challenge and Day 1 of Bikini Competition Prep. Let's do this!