Friday, January 24, 2014


"Fear is fake, It's man made."

Someone said this last weekend at Success School in San Diego. I can't remember who said it or I would give proper credit because it is genius! 
He then went in to say the only fear we are born with is a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. Notice we were not born with a fear of failure.
So I am doing a Spartan Race tomorrow, and I know I will more than likely have to do Monkey Bars. I've never liked monkey bars. I would even go so far as saying I'm afraid of them and have been since I was a kid. I just could never let go and reach for the next bar. Talk about Symbolism! 
So knowing the spartan race was coming up, I've been practicing the monkey bars for the last few weeks. But guess what! I made it all the way across this week! 
This is what my hands look like now but who needs nice soft hands anyway!
So the point is, what are you afraid of and what is it holding you back from?

I wanted to post this at the beginning of the week but it has even more meaning now because my dad jumped 100% on board with an idea we have been throwing around and thinking it was years away. He literally said "its scary but if it doesn't scare you what's the point? You have to put yourself out there." 
I'm not ready to announce it yet, but we are making some big moves and 2014 is going to be huge for the Bedfords! 


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