Friday, January 24, 2014


"Fear is fake, It's man made."

Someone said this last weekend at Success School in San Diego. I can't remember who said it or I would give proper credit because it is genius! 
He then went in to say the only fear we are born with is a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. Notice we were not born with a fear of failure.
So I am doing a Spartan Race tomorrow, and I know I will more than likely have to do Monkey Bars. I've never liked monkey bars. I would even go so far as saying I'm afraid of them and have been since I was a kid. I just could never let go and reach for the next bar. Talk about Symbolism! 
So knowing the spartan race was coming up, I've been practicing the monkey bars for the last few weeks. But guess what! I made it all the way across this week! 
This is what my hands look like now but who needs nice soft hands anyway!
So the point is, what are you afraid of and what is it holding you back from?

I wanted to post this at the beginning of the week but it has even more meaning now because my dad jumped 100% on board with an idea we have been throwing around and thinking it was years away. He literally said "its scary but if it doesn't scare you what's the point? You have to put yourself out there." 
I'm not ready to announce it yet, but we are making some big moves and 2014 is going to be huge for the Bedfords! 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Success School

This past weekend I was privileged enough to attend Advocare Regional Success School here in San Diego. This was my very first success school and I was blown away! It was such a great experience! You have to understand something if you don't know me personally, I'm a pretty even keeled person, I don't get fired up or excited about many things BUT this is now the second "big" Advocare event I've been to and I've been fired up by both of them! So strap in and get ready for this one because I am excited to share!

One of the reasons I love Advocare is because this company is really all about leadership. I know it's a health and wellness company but bear with with me! I've attended a few leadership conferences in my day; sorority leadership conferences, student government leadership conferences, law school/professional leadership organizations, you get it, I've been to a lot. Advocare's success school is right on par with all of those, only it was packed into 8 hours.

Like other Advocare events, there were success stories. People who have lost this much weight, and people who have made this much money... But that's not what this was about. Success school is about what you can do to better yourself, better those around you, better the relationships you have with the people around you, and build a very viable business while you do it.
Just by listening to the people who Advocare picked to speak at this event it is easy to see that Advocare is a company with integrity and they want their distributors to act with integrity too. One of the speakers mentioned this "Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand." That could not be truer for this company.

A year ago if had you told me I would be talking to my friends, family, and even strangers about supplements and health stuff I would have asked if you were on something, but this "stuff" is way more than health supplements. It really is a tool that can help a lot of people when they really need it. And it's about a community of people trying to make a difference.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hilarious Gym Stereotypes

My roommate and I often text each other while at the gym trying to explain some of the things we witness but these guys capture most of the typical gym characters perfectly in this hilarious video.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Are you drinking enough water?

One of the thing I noticed about myself doing the 24 Day Challenge is that I don't drink enough water. Apparently more than half of us don't drink the recommended about of water on a daily basis, which means we live in a perpetual state of dehydration! So I googled side effects of dehydration and I found this video by Chris and Heidi Powell, who I love from Extreme Weight Loss. You'll have to follow the link but it's worth it. Surprising effects of dehydration
So here's a recap:

  • Side Effects of no drinking enough water: Chronic fatigue, headaches, a slow down in your metabolism - Hello! No one wants any of that! 
  • The recommended amount: drinking half you body weight in ounces of water --"Holy buckets!" Ha! That's my favorite!
  • Drink cold water to hydrate faster, and warm water to stay full longer
  • Hangover cures: take as many gulps of water as your age before bed. Hey you know what else works, a Spark as soon as you wake up! Seriously I did it a few weeks ago and felt better in no time! Even made it to 10am Yoga!

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a water bottle or app that remedied you that you need to take a sip of water throughout the day so you avoid dehydration all together? WELL... check out this pretty cool bottle that has been developed and is about to start production. They just need enough support to show that people really do want this bottle. I personally can't wait for it to come out!  
Follow the link below to support this awesome water bottle. And until this it comes out remember to try to get in half your body weight in oz. of water everyday!