Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Fitness Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1 - Eco Gym
Today I tried out this really cool gym in Naperville (my hometown) called Eco Gym. I dragged my mom along with me today for some mommy-daughter time. ;) 

I LOVE the concept of this gym! I wish it was in California, in fact if they franchise this gym I would totally invest. I'll attach a video below that explains how this gym works because it's pretty genius. They have machines that turn the kinetic energy we create working out into kilowatts to add that energy to their grid. (I'm no engineer so I can't explain it any further than that but I know it's pretty awesome!) On top of that the more you check into to and use this gym the less your monthly dues are! 40+ workouts a month and your dues could be less than $6 a month. How much do you wish that was true of your gym? Not only that this gym has hyerbaric chambers available for their members to use, which increases the red blood cell production in your body reducing recover time. 

So after the tour and talking with the gym for a while, completely in awe of this place, Mom and I jumped on these really cool treadmills (Eco mill) that are self powered and burn about 30% more calories than a regular motorized treadmill, then did some legs and hit the road. 

Day 2 - Back to Eco Gym
Today I went back to Eco Gym, I really really like this place! AND my mom is actually the one who asked to go back today :). So Hopefully I've got Mom hooked. 
We hit those super cool treadmills for a warm up and moved on to some back and shoulders. 

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