Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Fitness Days 3 & 4

So I picked up a lovely little cold, probably in the airport and this bitter cold weather is not helping, but I've felt awful the last two days. :( I'm really sad but going to the gym and exerting any extra energy was just not happening. Plus I don't want to spread these germs to anyone else. (GROSS!)

It's still early in the evening on Day 4 though and I just got some cold medicine in my system so I'm hoping to do these short stretching and abs videos from Casey Ho's Blogilates. I really like her videos if you can't get to the gym but you have about 30+ minutes to get moving at home or say if you are traveling and staying in a hotel room. She also has some really cute clothes in her shop so you should check that out. ;)

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow and I'll be trying out a gym with a steam room and sauna to help get rid of whatever this bug is.

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